What is your pricing per Sq. Ft. or per Hour?

Unfortunately, providing a price based on a building’s Sq. Footage would be inaccurate. The same goes for a price based on hours of service alone. Cleaning prices vary greatly depending on service requirements, building’s density, traffic, type of services provided and many other factors. To get an accurate quote please contact us; one of our account managers will be able to assist you.

What kinds of chemicals do you use for cleaning?

Arsenal chooses only green cleaning products for its day-to-day activities. All our daily cleaning products are eco-logo or green seal certified.

Where can I find SDSs for the chemicals you use?

If you are a current customer, please contact your account manager for updated Safety Data Sheets; or e-mail hr@arsenalcleaning.com with the name of the product and a copy will be sent to you.

What is your response time for emergency services?

In times of emergency, Arsenal is able to be on site for an emergency job within an average of 2 hours. Times will vary in certain circumstances.

What precautions are you taking for COVID-19?

All of our workers have been thoroughly trained in proper COVID-19 protocols. On site, all Arsenal workers will be equipped will all necessary PPE. We also have top quality, Health Canada approved, products and chemicals for sanitizing and disinfecting. 


How can I apply for a job with Arsenal Cleaning Services Ltd.?

If you're interested in a career at Arsenal Cleaning, please send in this form, along with your resume.

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